anbe aaruyire

Anbe Aaruyire

Cast :
M. G. Ramachandren , Saroja Devi , Nagesh , T. R. Ramachandren

Director A. C. Thirulokchandar

Music By M. S. Viswanathan

Songs of Anbe Aaruyire

Plot of Anbe Aaruyire
Siva (S.J. Suryah) is an investigative scribe who shares a live-in relationship with rich and bratty Madhu (Nila). They have hot-headed run-ins and even hotter patch-ups.

Things come to a head when Madhu starts a restaurant with a brother of her friend. Nosey and envious Siva cant take it, and this causes a split between the duo. Fun starts as the fantasy element appears in the form of their apparitional alter egos. Eventually they come together, but there is plenty of over-the-top entertainment aimed at a post-teen youth audience.

Anbe Aaruyire features the memories of each other in a human look-alike appearances. These memories remind them of their good times and the inner love for each other which help in their reunion.

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