guru sishyan

Guru Sishyan

Cast :
Rajinikanth , Prabu , Gauthami , Seetha

Director SP. Muthuraman

Music By Ilaiyaraaja

Songs of Guru Sishyan

Plot of Guru Sishyan
Guru (Rajinikanth) and Babu (Prabhu) are two friends and petty criminals. They end up in jail and come across an innocent man Manohar (Mannvaasanai Paandiyan) who tells them that his sister was raped by Muthuraaj (Radha Ravi) and who had killed a taxi driver (witness) with the help of foolish corrupt police officer Nallasivam (Vinu Chakravarthy) and pinned the murder on Manohar. Manohar is sentenced to death row for the killing by the court. Guru and Babu believe in Manohars story and decide to find the truth and prove his innocence once they get out of jail. Guru fractures Manohars hand so that his death sentence would be delayed, until it heals, under law. Guru and Babu get released from prison and set in motion an elaborate plan to find out the real killers. Along the way, Guru, who believed that his parents were murdered, finds out that they are in fact being held captive by Muthurajs brother Rajamanickam(Ravichandran) who is trying to find the map to a treasure. The location of the map is know only to Gurus father who is suffering from memory loss and is tortured to make him remember it. Babu finds out that his parents were murdered by Rajamanickam (Ravichandran). Guru and Babu help them find the treasure to free Gurus parents and Guru finds out that Manohar is his own brother. The ensuing fight at the treasure location, ends up with Muthuraj and his brother arrested by the police after Guru and Babu beat them up and the treasure cave collapses after Guru, Babu and Gurus family escape from it. Babu marries Muthurajs niece Chitra(Seetha) while Guru marries Nallasivams daughter Gouthami and they live happily ever after for.

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