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Aadama Jaichomada Lyrics

Aadama Jaichomada Lyrics<br/> Nalellam Seevi Naan
Nalla Kettuka Paadam
Odura Nari
Oneday Enum Match

Aadama Jaichomada plot


The plot opens with water over flowing from a flat in E-block which is seen by the apartment watchman. When he goes to the flat to stop water he witnesses a young woman Ramya (Sindhu Menon), who had drowned in the water. Eventually the investigation of the death is taking place which is done by an officer Vasudevan (Aadhi), who also happens to be the ex-lover of Ramya. Though the circumstantial evidence claims it as a suicide, Vasu doubts it is not a suicide and starts to investigate it in another angle.

Ramya was known to be in an illegal affair with an unknown person and his frequent visit to her flat is confirmed by the neighbors in the apartment during the investigation. But Vasu is not convinced and he is sure that there is someone behind Ramya’s death and names him Mr.X. He also remembers his days of love during their college time. Vasu is denied of marriage with Ra

Vettaikaaran (Old)

MGR is a hunter and gets married to Savithri. Savithiri does not like the life that MGR lives. She pleads him to stop hunting animals however MGR does not hear to her pleas. Eventually this causes a r

Inga Enna Solluthu


Surya (Rajinikanth), the abandoned child of fourteen-year-old unwed mother Kalyani (Srividya) is brought up by a generous lady living in the slums. He grows up to become a fearless kind-hearted slum king who fights the injustice that takes place daily. These qualities lead him to cross swords with the local don Devarajan (Deva) (Mammootty). Devas friend Ramana is fatally beaten up by Surya, and he threatens Surya that he will find himself in a dangerous situation if the friend was laid to rest. His friend passes away, and Surya gets placed in prison. However, when De


The movie begins with Selvam (MGR) contesting in a rickshaw race along with fellow rickshaw drivers, meanwhile elsewhere Manikkum, a man with his child, Soussi is being chased by a thug.

The man is

Aadama Jaichomada - Movie Lyrics

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