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Adimai Penn Lyrics

Adimai Penn Lyrics<br/> Aayiram Nilave Va
Amma Endral Anbu
Kalathai Vendravan
Thai Illamal Nan
Unai Parthu Entha Ulagam
Yematrathe Yematrathe

Adimai Penn plot

Abhirami Mangamma (Pandari Bai), a queen is desired by another ruler, Sengodan (S. A. Ashokan). Several years later, Sengodan sees the girl (now a queen) out hunting. He declares his love, but the queen says that she is a mother. Sengodan tries to kill her son (MGR), the Prince Vengaiya and the queen cuts off Sengodans leg with an axe.

The king Vengaiyan (MGR) from the Vengaiya Mount Kingdom goes to Sengodans country (Soorukathu Kingdom) seeking justice, and Sengodan agrees to a duel. The duel takes place over a net with spears below it; whoever falls on the net will die. A dueler will lose if he loses his weapon or falls from the net, and his country will be enslaved by the winner.

Since Sengodan has only one leg, the king Vengaiyan binds his own leg and they begin the duel. Although the king Vengaiyan wins, Sengodan kills him with a spear. Sengodan orders his men to seize the country and summon the queen and her son. One of the kings aides escapes and saves the queen, but the prince Vengaiya is taken prisoner. All women in the country are enslaved.

The queen stays in hiding for many years. The kings aide is imprisoned and sees the prince Vengaiya, who has been forced to live in a two-foot-high cell. The prince Vengaiya has forgotten how to talk or eat with his hands, and the aide is horrified by hi

Nava Rathinam

Thangam (MGR), a young and rich feudal lord flees, to escape the influence of her mother. He wants to take revenge for his father.

Everybody launches in his pursuit.

The authorities, the family

Naan Mahaan Alla

Jeeva (Karthi) is a typical Chennai youngster. His father Pragasam (Jayaprakash), a call taxi driver, shows love and affection on him. They lead a simple life and derive happiness in whatever they do. One day, Jeeva comes across Priya (Kajal Aggarwal) at the wedding of their mutual friend. The two fall for each other. He doesnt tell her about his feelings and knows that she likes him. He plays hard to get until their mutual friend tells Priya about Jeevas infatuation. Jeeva tries to make her become more independent. One day he goes up to Priyas father against her pleas and tells him of their love. Jeeva eventually secures a job as that is one of the requirements for him to marry Priya. Eventually Priya becomes acquainted with Jeevas family and is accepted as the future bride.

When all seems to go well, a murder attempt on Jeeva’s father disturbs everything. Jeeva’s father had witnessed a girl being taken by a group of teenagers in his taxi. The girl is raped and killed. To get rid of the body of the girl and her boyfriend they hack both the bodies into small pieces and dumps them in random dump-yards in the city. When police accidentally recovers the head of the girl from a dumpyard, it is reported on TV. Jeevas father suspects that the head recovered might belong to a gi

Kaadhal Kondein

Vinod (Dhanush), who has grown up under the care of a church father (Nagesh), is an introvert but a genius. He is forcibly sent to college by the father but is a complete misfit in class. Though shunned by the rest of his class, Divya (Sonia Agarwal) becomes his friend and he gradually warms up to her too. His feelings soon turn into love but he realizes that Divya considers him as only a friend. But he is unwilling to let her go. Meanwhile Vinod learns that Divya is in love with another classmate, Aadhi (Sudeep).

Divyas father is enraged on learning about her love. He shuts her up and prevents her fr

Amara Kaaviyam

The movie begins with Jeeva(Sathya) being taken to court, where he recalls his past. In 1989, at the beginning of his 12th standard, his friend Balaji(Ananth Nag) falls in love with Kartika(Mia George) their classmate. Jeeva talks to Kartika on Balaji’s behalf but he is shocked to know that she is actually in love with him and not his friend. The next day he accepts her love and both grow close to each other. J

En Kadamai

Dharmalingam (M.R. Radha), a rich landlord, is the father of two sons and a daughter. His eldest son has a love marriage with a poor teachers daughter, Kamala,. Dharmalingam disowns them. The son dies

Adimai Penn - Movie Lyrics

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