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Darling Lyrics

Darling Lyrics<br/> Un Paarvai Pothum Vaanam Mele

Darling plot

Kathir,Nisha and Kumaran plan to commit suicide together because they feel like failures. However, they want to fulfill their last wishes before doing so. Nisha wants to steal a new car, and Kathir wants to slap the local MLA in his own house.

After Nisha and Kathir fulfill their last wishes, the trio escapes from the police and flees to a nearby resort. There, they find Athisaya Raj, who also wishes to commit suicide, and he joins them as they travel to a farmhouse. Once they arrive, Kumaran and Nisha plan to postpone their suicides for three days in order to prevent Kathir's suicide, as Nisha has fallen in love with him.

Their plan succeeds, and in those three days, the four get close to each other. Kathir develops feelings for Nisha, but hesitates to tell her in fear of humiliation. At the end of the third day, Kumaran asks Nisha to kiss Kathir to divert him from suicide. He meanwhile requests that Kathir kisses Nisha, telling him



The story takes it off showing the conjoined twins Charu and Latha (both played by Priyamani). Charu and Latha lived in Vizag as one body and soul until Ravi (Skanda) comes into their lives. Ravi falls in love with one of the twins which creates differences between the two. Finally, their mother (Saranya) plans to separate their attached bodies through surgery and during which Latha dies. However, mysterious incidents take place

Roja Kootam

Srikanth and Sriram are best friends. Srikanth is the only son of Radhika and Raghuvaran who is interested in anything but his academics. He falls in love with Bhumika who also eventually happens to reside opposite t

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

The movie begins with a young man (Attakathi Dinesh) buying a car and he says that his inspiration is from a Pannaiyar (landlord) in his village and his love for a vintage Fiat PAL Premier Padmini car.

Pannaiyar (Jayaprakash) is a wealthy and respectable man in his village. Pannaiyar and his wife Chellamma(Thulasi) are kindhearted and broadminded people who are responsible for introducing essential modern technology like Television, Radio, telephone,etc., to their villagers. The villagers also enjoy the liberty of using all these items with his permission. The couple have a married daughter Suja(Neelima Rani), who is greedy and whenever she visits her parents, she makes it a point to return to her house with whichever device she finds pleasing to her eye.

Pannaiyar visits his close friend Shanmugam(Mahadevan), who owns the then latest (now vintage) Fiat PAL Premier Padmini car. Pannaiyar is smitten by the beauty of the car and becomes an ardent admirer. He enjoys the ride like an excited kid. Soon, Shanmugam also comes to his house and to Pannaiyars surprise and happiness, says that he will leave the car for a couple of months under Pannaiyars care since he is going to visit his pregnant daughter. Panna

Mythili Ennai Kadhali

Darling - Movie Lyrics

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