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Kadhalar Dinam Lyrics

Kadhalar Dinam Lyrics<br/> Dandiya Aatamum Aada
Enna Vilai Azhagae
Kadhalenum Thaervezhudhi
O Mariyaa
Roja Roja

Kadhalar Dinam plot

Raja (Kunal) is from a poor family. Rajas dad is violent and an alcoholic. He spends the familys income on alcohol. Rajas family struggles to work hard everyday. Rajas mom requests him to move to Mumbai to start a new life. Raja approves his moms request and moves to Mumbai to attend Ramachandra College.

The movie starts off at a train station on New Year Day. Raja talks with a person (Manivannan) who was well-wishing him. Due to insistence, Raja goes into a flash back. A few years ago, he reaches Mumbai, where he plans to get admitted into the prestigious Ramachandra College. He gains admission for an MBA program at the Ramachandra College in Mumbai with the help of the college chairman, Ramachandra (Nassar), but he doesnt realize this at first. He thought that he managed to get a seat due to his own abilities. Raja meets Roja (Sonali Bendre) through the Internet. After a brief introduction, Raja and Roja started loving each other. They have yet to see each other and thus,they sent their pictures through e-mail to each other. As Roja checks her e-mail and sees Rajas photo, Raja enters the Net Cafe where Roja was. Then, they meet each other. They are initially shocked by seeing each other as Roja told him that she is in America and Raja told her that he is in London, although they were both in India and were studying in the same college.

The very next day,

Uravadum Nenjam


Archana (Sridevi) plays the role of popular singer, and Johnny (Rajinikanth) is her ardent fan. Johnny is a con-man who does petty-thefts (only on the greedy ones) to close the loan taken by his father. Johnny never misses the concerts of Archana and

Idhaya Thamarai

Vijay (Karthik) was an impulsive angry youth who fall in love with Manju (Revathi). After an incident, he went to jail and few years later, he meets Manju who is now married. She is married to her com


A young boy named Ranadheeran "Rana", who hails from the kingdom of Kottaipattinam, leaves his family for good, despite his brother Sena pleading him not to do so. The boy soon meets with an accident while rowing in the river and is eventually discovered by some fishermen from the neighbouring kingdom of Kalingapuri, a bitter rival of Kottaipattinam. He grows up there and trains as a warrior, becoming a fearless warrior by the time he is an adult(Rajinikanth). Due to his fighting skills and bravery, he soon wins the confidence of the ruler of Kalingapuri, Raja Mahendran(Jackie Shroff), who promotes him to Commander-in-Chief of the Kalingapuri army. Ranas first job as Commander-in-Chief is to free the soldiers of Kottaipattinam, who are being treated as slaves by Rishikodagan(Nassar), enlist them in the army and train them. He then seeks the permission of Raja Mahendran to attack Kottaipattinam, to which the latter agrees. However, during the war, Rana encounters his childhood friend Sengodagan(R. Sarathkumar ), the son of the Maharaja of Kottaipattinam, Rishikodagan. Immediately signalling an end to the war, he along with the soldiers disown Kalingapuri and return to Kottaipattinam, much to the disgust of Raja Mahendran


Kadhalar Dinam - Movie Lyrics

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