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Kandaen Lyrics

Kandaen Lyrics<br/> Aa Ha
Enge En Idhayam
Ninaivugal Thaane
Oru Paaravai
Yavarakum Thalaivan

Kandaen plot

Vasanth (Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj) is an engineer who comes from Chennai to visit his grandfather(Vijayakumar) who claims to be ill. When he arrives at his hometown, he finds that a marriage has been arranged for him and that his grandfather isnt really ill. To escape from the marriage, he lies, saying that he is in love with a girl. The grandfather wants the see the girl as soon as possible, and Vasanth returns to Chennai.

Vasanth falls in love with a pretty girl named Narmada (Rashmi Gautam) at first sight. He acts blind and she eventually falls for him, too. They date and Narmadhas father (Ashish Vidyarthi), a police commissioner, gets to know about his daughters love. He refuses, not wanting to marry his only daughter to a blind man. The pair decide that they will marry at the register office without the consent of their parents. During the proceedings of the marriage, Narmada finds out that Vasanth isnt actually blind but had acted like one to win her heart. Narmada is angered and leaves the registrars office, but forgives him after he apologizes. Narmadas father finally agrees to their marriage, and the two get engaged. In the light of the e


Vetrivel (Vijay) is a race car driver who lives with his large family in Chennai. His father, Singamuthu (Manivannan) had gone to Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh for work at a colliery and never returned, prompting Vetrivel and his family to think he is dead. Vetrivel comes to know that a gentleman named Koccha (Suman) owes his father a huge sum of money. Finding that Koccha is based in Malaysia, Vetrivel and his friend Pons (Vivek) fly to Malaysia, as Kuruvi, the trade jargon for low-level contraband carriers. He steps into the group at

Petralthan Pillaiya

Jeeva (Sowkar Janaki), the mother of a young child, not being able to make him live, decides to abandon him in a temple.

A little later Anandhan (MGR), a tramp goes that way.

Hampered by his dis

Unnai Ninaithu

The basic story of the movie involves Laila and Suriya falling in love. A 3rd character gets entangled in the plot and Laila is compelled by her family to marry him. Heart-broken Suriya leaves her alone, but only to find out that the man she married is a total crook


Vasu (Ajith), is a ruthless rowdy who lives in a cinema theater owned by Vinu Chakravarthy. He had a tortured childhood and wastes his days by drinking, fighting, and sleeping. It all starts when Vasus friend Dhamu loses a reel of the movie Annamalai to Mohana (Shalini). Vasu and Mohana clash when Vasu attem


Kandaen - Movie Lyrics

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