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Manjapai Lyrics

Manjapai Lyrics<br/> Agasa Nilavuthaan
Ayyo Ayyo
Paathu Paathu
Sattena Thooralum

Manjapai plot

The film starts with Tamil (Vimal) who is raised single-handedly by his grandfather, Venkatasamy(Raj Kiran) in a village, as his parents had committed suicide after eloping and giving birth to him. 25 years later the boy is working in a Chennai-based IT company, staying in an modern upmarket apartment. Tamil meets Karthika (Lakshmi Menon) a medical student using tricks to get to the front of the traffic signal. They fall in love at first sight, and end up being so engrossed in each other that they dont realise that the signal had gone green. The way Karthika tricks the police officer and gets away with it endears Tamil to Karthika. He follows her and in no time she reciprocates.

Meanwhile, at work, Tamil is selected to go to US in three month project and he brings Venkatasamy to the city to spend quality time before he leaves for US. Venkatasamy, coming from a rustic background, is unfamiliar with the urban lifestyle of people in a modern city.

He even bathes and washes his clothes at a fountain causing much embarrassment to Tamil which he does not share with Venkatasamy. He causes further hards


Marupadiyum is an emotional and psychological drama that focuses on the central female protagonist, a wife caught up in marital discord played by Revathi and her life henceforth. Revathi is married to

Vasantha Maaligai

Anand (Sivaji Ganesan) is a rich playboy and who loves alcohol. He has an older brother, Vijay (K. Balaji). Anand, who has been abroad, boards a plane home, on a shift that air stewardess, Latha (Vanisri), is working. After the plane lands, the scene changes to Lathas home where we meet her father (Major Sundarrajan), mother (Pandari Bai), two brothers, and a sister. Her elder brother resides at home with his wife, but being the eldest, Latha is the highest earning member of the family. A struggle begins when Lathas mother objects to her being an air hostess: She begs her to change profession so that she can be home at more decent hours.

The scene changes to Anand celebrating his birthday in a pub near his home. Vanisri arrives at the same pub for a job interview with the manager. However, the manager, a lustful man, in the guise of interv

Maranthen Mannithen

The story of the film is loosely based on a novel named ‘Godavari Kathalu’, written by BVS Rama Rao. The film is set in 1986, in Bangarappeta village near Rajahmundry. Malli (Aadhi) and Chitra (Lakshmi Manchu) are a newly-wed couple who are forced to battle it out against a devastating flood of the River Godavari. They lose all hope of survival, so they decide to narrate the darkest moments of their lives to each other after they find a support to rest on.

First Malli narrates his story to Chitra. Malli is an honest fisherman who works under Sambasivayya, a shrewd man at the port. Malli’s ambition is to own a fishing boat for which he strives hard. Once, his encounter with Sarala (Taapsee Pannu), the daughter of Sambasivayya, leads to certain disturbances in his life as Sarala, who lusts after Malli, blackmails

Raja Kaiya Vacha

Raja (Prabhu) is a thief who falls in love with Vijaya (Gouthami). First, she thinks that he was a police officer, she asks him to find lost stuffs and he steals to fulfill her wishes. One day, the police arrests him front of Vijaya and hes sent to

Therodum Veedhiyile

Manjapai - Movie Lyrics

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