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Michael Madana Kama Rajan Lyrics

Michael Madana Kama Rajan Lyrics<br/> Katha Kelu
Peru Vechalum
Rum Bum Bum Arambum
Sivarathiri Thookkam Yaedhu
Sundhari Neeyum

Michael Madana Kama Rajan plot

The movie opens with a ballad sung by travelling singer singing a tale. The tale of a rich industrialist is secretly married to a woman, who is expecting their child. His brother, wishing to eliminate any potential rivals to the family property, sets her up to be killed by hired goons, who are also ordered to kill the babies. The leader of the goons, (Santhana Bharathi), having no desire to kill the identical quadruplets, takes one with him (Michael), drops one in an orphanage (Raju), one in a temple (Kameshwaran) who is picked by Palakkad Mani Iyer (Delhi Ganesh), and one in a car (Madhan) that belongs to the babies father.

Years roll by and the lives of all the four kids grow up and even though all of them physically look alike, they have completely different mannerism and personalities. The father of the quadruplet, raises Madhan and treats him as his own son, unknown to the fact that Madhan is, in fact, his son. On the eve of Madhan’s Arrival after graduating London Business School, the father’s brother and nephew (Nassar) collude and kill him before Madhan is named as the owner of the father’s company publicly. But unknown to them, the will has already named Madhan as the owner. Madhan comes back to Bangalore from abroad to take care of his fathers company, much to the annoyance of his uncle and his cousin, Nasser. There he meets Avinashi (Nagesh), his father’s assistant, who misappropriated a huge sum of money. Avinashi pleads that he knows nothing about the funds and has the burden of marrying off his eight daughters. Madhan refuses to agree and asks Avinashi to own up to his mistakes owing to which he will be forgiven but failing which hell be forced to call the police. Once, while printing counterfeit currency, Michael and his father, Santhana bharathi escapes from the police in a car which crashes into the electricity unit in a convention centre where Shalinis (Kushboo) paintings are being displayed for exhibition. The building catches fire and along comes Raju, a firefighter, and saves Shalini and her paintings. The two become friends and Raju falls in love with her. Raju had taken a loan from a Pathan (Afghani money-lender) to stage a play when he was young and the Pathan comes to Rajus house to demand the loan plus interest. Raju tries to pacify the Pathan by giving him some biscuits and dried fish but the Pathan throws it out in the street and it falls on Kameshwaran.

Kameshwaran, assuming the fish to be vegetables, shouts at the Pathan and reaches the wedding hall where his father is doing the catering service for the wedding. He accidentally drops the fish (which had fallen in his shirt pocket) in the sambar and a hilarious sequence follows. In the wedding hall he meets Thiripurasundari (Urvashi), whom he thinks is a thief. But apparently her grandmother (S. N. Lakshmi) is a kleptomaniac who happens to steal everything from tumblers to an old mans artificial teeth to Delhi Ganeshs chella petti, and Urvashi goes behind her replacing everything her grandmother stole. Kameshwaran holds Urvashis hand, brings her to the main hall and tries to bring it to everyones attention that her grandmother is a thief, but intelligently Lakshmi changes the scene and claims that Kameshwaran had tried to misbehave with Urvashi. As the days go on, Lakshmi buys all the groceries in Kameshwarans account and when he goes to their house, a series of rib-tickling dialogues follow. Finally Urvashi reveals her bitter fate about tackling her grandmothers kleptomania. Kameshwaran pities her and falls for her. Eventually they get engaged. Madhan gets a phone call from a lady in Chennai saying that his dads death wasnt an accident, but that it was planned. The caller also gives him an address in Santhome, Chennai asking him to meet her at a specific time. Avinashi, who hears this conversation from another line, conveys the conversation to Nasser and his father in hopes of getting some money. But they act nonchalant in front of Avinashi, not to arouse suspicion

Nadodi Thendral

The story reveals around a triangular love between Karthik, Ranjitha and an English lady (District collectors daughter) during the British occupation in India. Karthik is a goldsmiths son, so he is to

Atta Kathi

Dinakaran (Dinesh) referred as Atta among his friends is a regular semi-urban teenager growing up in a small village in the outskirts of Chennai. He did well in his school exams, but failed his English paper. Rather than studying for the second attempt, he wastes time looking for a girlfriend since he has made a pact with his best friends; to fall in love and get married.

Dinakaran first falls for a girl he meets at the bus stop named Poornima (Nandita). She appears to like him too as she smiles at him and accepts his gifts. But when he goes after her, she suddenly refers to him as big brother and tells him to stop following her around as she feels awkward. Dinakaran tries to feel sad, but he cannot since he was never really in love in the first place. It was just an infatuation. Dinakaran next starts wooing a distant relative who


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Psychomantra Dhilip Varman Saint Thila

Sigaram Thodu

Muralipandian (Vikram Prabhu) is the only son of Chellapandian (Sathyaraj), a disabled ex-policeman who expresses a desire to see his son in the police one day. However, Murali is against becoming a policeman due to an incident which happened in his childhood; when Chellapa lost his leg during police duty, his wife (Muralis mother) fell down the stairs on hearing the news, leading to her death and left a crippled Chellapa to single-handedly look after the young Murali. His ambition is to become a bank manager and he manages to get an interview for the same in a bank. While on a pilgrimage, Murali meets Ambujam (Monal Gajjar), a young doctor. Ambujam initially thinks ill of Murali due to unsavoury incidents which occur between them during the journey, but after she finds out about Muralis true character and Murali helps her grandmother Aishwarya (Kovai Sarala) recover from dehydration

Michael Madana Kama Rajan - Movie Lyrics

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