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Osthi Lyrics

Osthi Lyrics<br/> Kalasala Kalasala
Osthi Maamey
Unnale Unnale

Osthi plot

Velan, a young boy, lives with his younger half-brother Balan, stepfather (Nassar) and mother (Revathi) in Kattuppakkam in the Tirunelveli district. His stepfather is always partial towards Balan which constantly angers Velan.

Fifteen years later, a gang of robbers steal money from a bank and cause property damage while entering Kattuppakkam, when Velan (Silambarasan), now a cop going by the name "Osthe" Velan, apparently tries to recover the money by beating up the robbers. It becomes clear later that he keeps the money for himself, using it to buy new police jeeps and dividing it among his fellow cops (Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiah, Mayilsamy and Vaiyapuri). Velan still lives with his family and does not have a good relationship with his stepfather and Balan (whom he bullies at times).

Balan (Githan Ramesh) is in love with a girl called Nirmala (Saranya Mohan) whose father (Nizhalgal Ravi) opposes their relationship. Osthe Velan, meanwhile, falls in love with a girl called Neduvaali (Richa Gangopadhyay), whom he chances upon while chasing a gang of thugs.

Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood), an aspiring politician and goon, meets Velan and tells him that the people he beat up and stole the money from are party workers and that they were getting money for the party. Velan is unperturbed, and dismisses him flatly. Balan asks his father to arrange his marriage with Nirmala, but his father refuses saying that he needs money to repay the loans he took to make his factory so he needs his son to marry a rich girl. Balan, in desperate need of money, steals it from Velans cupboard, but is caught red-handed by his mother. He tells his mother that he intends to give the money to Nirmalas father, who in turn will



Yamuna (Suvalakshmi), one of the two daughters of an orthodox father, comes to Madras for finishing her studies. Major Madhavan (Prakashraj) is the husband of Yamunas elder sister Ganga (Rohini), who infatuates about Yamuna after seeing a photo in a letter sent by Yamuna. Meanwhile, Yamuna meets Jeeva (Ajithkumar), in a city bus who gives his ticket to her as she had not taken her own. Later one day on the advice of his friends, Jeeva decides to express his love to Yamuna by writing 1 4 3(the number of letters in “I love you") in a letter and giving it to her. But he witnesses a group beating a boy who did the same thing. So he crumples the letter and it is found by Yamuna who realizes his love. One day when they were walking together Jeeva tries to remove the dirt from Yamunas eyes and he kisses her. Yamuna is angry with him. Jeeva senses it and gets wet in the rain and gets a cold. Hearing this Yamuna meets him. Jeeva expresses that she is the only medicine to him an

En Kadamai

Dharmalingam (M.R. Radha), a rich landlord, is the father of two sons and a daughter. His eldest son has a love marriage with a poor teachers daughter, Kamala,. Dharmalingam disowns them. The son dies


The story opens with a couple with twins sitting in a train. However, a thief snatches one of the sons, and after stealing the jewellery of the son, leaves the baby. However, the baby is found by a childless couple in a village. The couple hail from a large and powerful family, and they raise him as their son without telling him the truth. Thus, the twins grow up in different environment. The one living with the parents (Vasudevan a.k.a. Vasu) grows up in Chennai to become an officer in a private investigative agency. The ot

Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen

Radha (Roja) is an illegitimate daughter who lives in her fathers house as a maidservant with her step mother and father. The step mothers brother, Sanjay (Ajith Kumar) comes from Canada to visit Roja and her family. He s

Osthi - Movie Lyrics

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