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Panam Padaiththavan Lyrics

Antha Mappillai
Enakkaoru Magan Pirappan
Kan Pona Pokkiyele
Pavazhai Kodiyila
Thannur Piravathai

Panam Padaiththavan plot

While making to Calcutta, accompanied with his young brother, Balu, for a championship of athlètisme, Raja, an accomplished sportsman, stemming from a rich rustic tamil family, got acquainted with Shanti and with his father, Masilamani, very modest condition.

Between Raja and Shanti, it is love at first sight.

Having taken away (gained) the champi


Krishna (Jayam Ravi) is a happy-go-lucky youth who excels in every field, but always does strange and dangerous things to obtain a certain "kick"- a thrill or excitement that he craves. One such activity is secretly double-crossing his childhood friend Dass (Sathyan) while helping him elope. At this point, he meets Nisha (Tamannaah) who is shocked at his recklessness and writes him off as crazy. Krishna, however, sets his sights on Nisha and woos her in a very unorthodox way; he begs her not to fall in love with him. After a host of comical situations involving Krishnas caring but easy-goi

Ya Yaa

Two friends Ramarajan (Mirchi Siva) and Rajkiran (Santhanam), who for reasons unknown prefer to call themselves Dhoni and Sehwag. They have nothing better to do than hang around together boozing and teasing pretty girls. Dhoni does not believe in the idea of working, but is still in search of a government job, knowing very well that he is not likely to get it. Kanaka (Sandhya), a police constable, is the daughter of Dhoni’s maternal uncle, and though their families want them


Unmarried princess Kunti is blessed by the Sun god with a baby boy, which she abandons in the Ganga river to avoid embarrassment. The boy is rescued and adopted by charioteer Athirathan, who names him Karnan. Years later, the now-grown up Karnan realises that Athirathan is only his foster father and feels heartbroken. He does not want to become a charioteer like his foster father, and chooses to become a warrior. He masters archery and challenges the Pandava prince Arjuna in a contest. Karnan is insulted on account of his lowly birth, but the Kaurava prince and cousin of the Pandavas, Duryodhana, saves his pride, and gives him the kingdom of Anga. Karnan thus becomes the close friend of Duryodhana and his wife Bhanumati.

One day, Indra, the king of Devas (celestial deities), d

Kizhake Pogum Rail

Kizhake Pogum Rail (English: Eastbound Train) is a 1978 Indian Tamil film, directed by P. Bharathiraja, starring newcomers Betha Sudhakar and Raadhika Sarathkumar in lead roles. The film had musical s

Bale Paandiya

Bale Pandiya (Sivaji Ganesan) is a young man who leads a troubled life. He is continuously being chased by Marudhu (also Sivaji Ganesan) - a look-alike of him and Marudhus boss Kabali (M.R. Radha), who would be given a lot of money if they killed Pandiy

Panam Padaiththavan - Movie Lyrics

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