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Paradesi Lyrics

Paradesi Lyrics<br/> Avatha Paiyan
Or Mirugam
Senneer Thaana
Thannai Thaane

Paradesi plot

Rasa (Adharvaa) is a carefree young man living in a rural village in the Madras Presidency during the early days of the British Raj. Orphaned at a young age, he is brought up by his nagging but loving hunchback grandmother. Angamma (Vedhicka), a village girl falls for him and takes pleasure in bullying him. When she finally confesses her feelings for him, they have sex and soon reveal the fact that they are in love before the entire village and also get into physical relationship. Angammas mother objects as Rasa is jobless and irresponsible, making him unqualified to become anyones husband.

Rasa then goes to the nearby village in search of work. He comes across a friendly Kangani, who then follows Rasa back to his village. The Kangani offers a work for the villagers at the British tea plantations at the hillside. He promises them proper accommodation and high wages. Like many of the villagers, Rasa signs up with the Kangani, hoping he can send home money every month for his ailing grandmother. Both Angamma and his grandmother are sad to watch him go.

When Rasa and his

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

The story unfolds in a remote village near Palani called Kanakkanpatti with a poor goat-herd, Marimuthu as its protagonist who lost education as his father died @ his age of 13, he also plays kabbadi very well. Marimuthu along with his childhood friends Ayyappan (Vairavan), Sekar (Nithish), Murthy (Sundar), Appu Kutty (Appu Kutty), Suri (Parota Suri) and Pandi (Pandi) are kabbadi players who dream of winning a local tournament.

Sekar is a rich short tempered rice mill owner. Appu Kutty is a short, tea shop owner

Varusham 16

Varusham Padhinaaru has the story line, where family values gets conflicted due to unethical thoughts of some members, but the result was disastrous leaving a sad note to everyone

Thillu Mullu (Old)

Aiyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Chandran (A.A.K. Chandran for short) (Rajinikanth) is a playful young man. Upon completion of his degree, his fathers friend and business partner (Poornam Viswanathan) advises him to attend an interview for a job at his friend Sri Ramachandramurthys (Thengai Srinivasan) company. The doctor advises Chandran to act in a manner most appreciated by Sri Ramachandramurthy: namely, wearing a Nehru kurta, always telling his full name, giving importance to his moustache, showing a lack of interest in sports and drama, showing respect for his fathers words (i.e., by repeating the phrase "My father always told me" often) and detesting the concept of recommendations.

During the job interview, Chandran follows his uncles advice perfectly and gets the job along with a beaming smile f

Oorukku Uzhaippavan

Selvam (MGR), a secret agent takes the place of a rich industrialist, Raja (MGR).

The operation is facilitated because both men are as alike as two peas in a pod.

Indeed, a gang rages in the reg

Dheiva Thai

Paradesi - Movie Lyrics

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