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Roja Kootam Lyrics

Roja Kootam Lyrics<br/> Apple Penne Neeyaaro
Mottugale Mottugale
Subbammaa Subbammaa

Roja Kootam plot

Srikanth and Sriram are best friends. Srikanth is the only son of Radhika and Raghuvaran who is interested in anything but his academics. He falls in love with Bhumika who also eventually happens to reside opposite their house with her loud-mouthed sub-inspector Mom, Rekha. With the responsibilities of a brother to get his sisters married Sriram leaves for L

Naan Yaen Pirandhaen


The film is introduced when an old ladys (Nandita Das) son and daughter in law comes to stay on her house where she is solitary. Every often her son and her daughter in law notice that she goes to the beach prays in the garden every night. When they ask her why she is going to the beach she says that she is waiting for her husband to come. The son g




Valli (Priya Raman) returns to her village after studying for 15 years in the city. Her cousin (Hariraj) celebrates her arrival to the city. He was in love with Valli since childhood days, but changed

Roja Kootam - Movie Lyrics

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