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Sonna Puriyadhu Lyrics

Sonna Puriyadhu Lyrics<br/> Ayyaiyo Poche
Devadhaiya Raatchasiya
Gaaliyana Saalaiyil
Kelu Magane
Un Tholil Saindhu

Sonna Puriyadhu plot

Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artist and a person who is not happy with love and marriages. His dream is to buy a Volkswagen car for himself. But his mother (Meera Krishnan) forces him by blackmailing him to marry and he finally accepts without satisfaction. The girl is Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) who is revealed to be a devotional girl and is a press reporter. When the marriage of one of Shivas friends takes place, both Anjali and Shiva are invited. Anjali is invited because the friend was forced by Shiva in order to stop their marriage. But in that marriage, Shiva gets to know that Anjali is the exact opposite of what he thought she was, and that Anjali herself wanted to stop their marriage. They finally break up and they make their parents also accept (Shiva lied to Anjalis father that he

Naan Aanaiyittal

En Annan

Ranga (MGR) is the heroic elder brother of this story.

His father Velappan (T. K. Bagavathy), was a manager at a mill, and is framed for the murder of one of the partners, Karunagaran (S.M.Thirupad

Ragasiya Police 115

Of return of a particularly dangerous but successful mission, abroad, Ramu (MGR), the secret agent 115 of Research and Analysis Wing receives the results of his investigations.

Suspects list is put

Enakku 20 Unakku 18

Sridhar (Tarun) is a final year degree student and gets selected in the campus selections for studies abroad. He goes to Mumbai for an interview and in his return finds Preeti (Trisha) and loses his heart to her. Sridhar comes to know that Preeti was about to join in degree and Preeti learns that he was a final year degree student. Sridhar is an ardent cricket fan, so is Preeti, while Sridhar is also a good f

Sakravarthi Thirumagal

Prince Udayasuriyan (M.G.R) wins all tough competition to marry Princess Kalamani (Anjali Devi). Durga (S. Varalaxmi) and Bhairavan (P.S. Veerappa) plot to ruin their lives. Durga plans to take the qu

Sonna Puriyadhu - Movie Lyrics

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