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Thaaikku Pin Thaaram Lyrics

Thaaikku Pin Thaaram Lyrics<br/> Aahaa Nam Aasai Niraivaerumaa
Asaindhaadum Thendralae
Maanam Pozhiyudhu Boomi Vilaiyudhu

Thaaikku Pin Thaaram plot

Muthaiyan is the brave son of Ratnam Pillai and Meenakshi. They are landed gentry and are highly respected in the village for their noble qualities. Meenakshi’s brother Doraiswami, on the other hand, is despised by all for his arrogance, cruelty and dishonourable ways. The two families are not in speaking terms ever since Doraiswami tried to usurp Ratnam Pillai’s traditional rights at the temple festival. Doraiswami’s daughter Sivakami, however, is a good-natured girl who is in l


Ranga is a 1982 Tamil film starring Rajinikanth, Radhika and K. R. Vijaya in prominent roles. Produced by Devar Films, the film was directed by R. Thyagarajan.

Neethaane En Ponvasantham

The film begins with Varun (Jiiva) gaining admission into an engineering college, with his best friend Prakash (Santhanam). He and his friends one day participate in a cultural programme, where Varun finds his childhood sweetheart Nithya (Samantha) participating in a dance show. He begins wooing her by singing on stage and later meets up with her and begins to reminisce their childhood. The film rewinds to their early days when both were aged eight, and shows the pair becoming friends after Varun had helped Nithya retrieve a book which had fallen while she had been playing. However after a minor understanding featuring Nithyas brother, she decides not to meet Varun and makes a vow to never talk with him. However, the pair then meet agai


Tamizh is a visually-impaired young man who works as a singer for an entertainment troupe. During one of the weddings he performs at, he meets a visually-impaired young lady, Kodi who is studying to become a teacher. Tamizh teases her, causing her to leave him waiting for her as she presents her wedding gift to the newly weds and leaves. The following day, he bumps into her on the train and asks his friend to mislead her into getting down at a wrong station. As a result, Kodi is late for her first day of teaching practice. She and her fri

Pazhaya Vannarapettai

Mr Bharath

Bharath (Rajinikanth) a young man who is unknown who is his father. Shanti (Sharada) mother of Bharath tells him about his father at her deathbed.

Gopinath (Sathyaraj) is a rich young man,who comes for Paapampatti village for his construction work. He sees Shanti an innocent village girl and tries to impress her by pretending innocent. She trusts him fully and allows to him cross the ultimate limit. Gopinath leaves the village promising that he would re

Thaaikku Pin Thaaram - Movie Lyrics

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