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Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Lyrics

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Lyrics<br/> Karka Karka Kallam Karka
Paartha Mudhal Naale
Vennilave Velli Velli Nilave

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu plot

The film starts with a girl named Rani(Bidushi Dash Barde), the daughter of former high ranking Chennai police officer Arokyaraj (Prakash Raj), talking to her father over the phone saying that she will back home in 20 minutes. As she leaves the telephone booth, she is approached by someone who starts a conversation with her. The screen then cuts to black and we find out that Rani does not come home. The following morning Arokyaraj finds a finger hanging at his door. Police reports confirm that it is his daughter Ranis finger. He calls Raghavan (Kamal Hassan), his old friend, for investigation. Raghavan handles the case and they eventually find the body of Rani in a forest in the city outskirts. The doctors report states that Ranis body was bisected by the killer with a surgical knife, proving that the murderer has a strong medical background. Following the trauma of losing their only daughter, Arokyaraj and his wife move to New York.

After a week Raghavan finds out that Mr. & Mrs. Arokyaraj have been murdered in New York. This creates a link between the Chennai police and the New York Police Department. Raghavan leaves for New York to represent the Indian police. On the flight, he thinks about

Aanandha Kummi

Aanandha Kummi is a 1983 Tamil Indian feature film directed by Balakrishnan and produced by Jeeva Ilaiyaraaja for Ilaiyaraaja Pictures. The film stars Ashwini and a new comer in the lead roles.


Adharmam is a 1994 Tamil language action film directed by Ramesh Krishnan. The film features Murali, Ranjitha and Nassar in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja and was released on Ta

Pagalil Oru Iravu

Pagal Nilavu is in essence the story of Selvam(Murali) an aimless youth in Muttam(Kanyakumari Dist) who out of a sense of deep gratitude ends up joining the gang of Devaraj aka Periyavar(Sathyaraj) and the complications which arise


Sethu (Vikram) is a rough and macho college rowdy and also The Students Union Chairman of the college, who uses violence as the only way to deal with people. He lives with his brother, a Magistrate(Sivakumar), and his sister-in-law, who is the only person who seems to understand him properly.

The movie opens with Sethu winning the elections to the office bearers of the colleges Students Union followed by celebrations and

Endrendrum Punnagai

The movie starts with Gautham (Jiiva) as a kid, being told that women are all bad and are very selfish by his father (Nasser) because his wife had eloped on that day. They then move to Chennai, where Gautham meets Baby (Santhanam) and Sri (Vinay Rai). The trio become inseparable friends. Fifteen years later, it is shown that the trio are running an advertisement agency and Gautham has stopped speaking to his father, the reason being untold.After a heated incident, the three friends promise to never get married. They get an advertising offer from Sunny (T.M Karthik) and Sunny sends Priya (Trisha

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu - Movie Lyrics

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