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Vivegam Lyrics

Vivegam Lyrics<br/> Kaadhalada
Thalai Viduthalai

Vivegam plot

Vivegam is a Spy Action Thriller. AK (Ajay Kumar) is a internation operative who is key to destroying all internation terrorist organizations.
AK teams up with Aryan Singh, Rachel and Mike to destroy the plans of the terrorists.

Roja Kootam

Srikanth and Sriram are best friends. Srikanth is the only son of Radhika and Raghuvaran who is interested in anything but his academics. He falls in love with Bhumika who also eventually happens to reside opposite t

Sonna Puriyadhu

Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artist and a person who is not happy with love and marriages. His dream is to buy a Volkswagen car for himself. But his mother (Meera Krishnan) forces him by blackmailing him to marry and he finally accepts without satisfaction. The girl is Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) who is revealed to be a devotional girl and is a press reporter. When the marriage of one of Shivas friends takes place, both Anjali and Shiva are invited. Anjali is invited because th



The film opens with Sakthi (Vishal), son of a forest ranger, beating up a gang that illegally cuts precious trees to earn money. Sakthi is a jungle trekker who spends his time bringing groups of tourists on trips into the jungle.

Almost immediately the story changes track and introduces Sakthi’s girlfriend Rupa(Sunaina). The lovers soon part ways citing compatibility issues where Rupa complains that Shakthi is not the loving boyfriend she wanted. Sakthis character is as such that he does not remember even a single detail in their love life that Rupa deems important. Rupa tells Sakthi that he does not seem to have the time for a girlfriend, and that he does not even care to do so. Rupa further aggravates the situation by asking Sakthi to close his eyes and tell her the colour of the dress she was wearing right then, but Sakthi finds that he could not. Grieved, Rupa leaves Sakthi, saying this was his character and that he would not change.

After three months, Sakthi still had not recovered from his break-up. However, he receives a courier from his girlfriend saying that she misses him, and a flight ticket to Bangkok where she resides now. Sakthi is overjoyed, and leaves for Bangkok. Being his first trip to a foreign country, Sakthi seeks help from

Adimai Penn

Abhirami Mangamma (Pandari Bai), a queen is desired by another ruler, Sengodan (S. A. Ashokan). Several years later, Sengodan sees the girl (now a queen) out hunting. He declares his love, but the queen says that she is a mother. Sengodan tries to kill her son (MGR), the Prince Vengaiya and the queen cuts off Sengodans leg with an axe.

The king Vengaiyan (MGR) from the Vengaiya Mount Kingdom goes to Sengodans country (Soorukathu Kingdom) seeking justice, and Sengodan agrees to a duel. The duel takes place over a net with spears below it; whoever falls on the net will die. A dueler will lose if he loses his weapon or falls from the net, and his country will be enslaved by the winner.

Since Sengodan has only one leg, the king Vengaiyan binds his own leg and they begin the duel. Altho

Vivegam - Movie Lyrics

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