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Youth Lyrics

Youth Lyrics<br/> Adi One Inch Two Inch
Sakkarai Nilave
Sandhosham Sandhosham

Youth plot

On his wedding day, Shiva (Vijay) discovers that his cousin and bride, Aruna, has run away because she does not want to marry a cook. But he takes it lightly and moves to Chennai with the girls brother (Shyam Ganesh) to look for a job. One night, he saves Sandya from some goons. In gratitude, she kisses him. Shiva starts to fall in love with Sandya. After several occasions where they bumped into each other, Shiva harbours hope that she too reciprocates his affections.

However at Sandyas birthday party, she announces her engagement to computer engineer, Pratap (Yugendran). Shiva is devastated at the news and leaves the room quietly. Sandya finds him standing alone at the swimming pool. She asks him about his impression of

Raja Paarvai

This drama tells the tale of a blind violinist, Ragu (Kamal Haasan), and a young lady, Nancy (Madhavi) who is keen on chronicling Ragus inspiring life as a visually impaired but independently living p

Moodar Koodam

The story begins with a chance meeting of four youngsters in a police station where they are held as suspects for a robbery case. From here they plan to rob some one for real. They enter the house of

Kadhalar Dinam

Raja (Kunal) is from a poor family. Rajas dad is violent and an alcoholic. He spends the familys income on alcohol. Rajas family struggles to work hard everyday. Rajas mom requests him to move to Mumbai to start a new life. Raja approves his moms request and moves to Mumbai to attend Ramachandra College.

The movie starts off at a train station on New Year Day. Raja talks with a person (Manivannan) who was well-wishing him. Due to insistence, Raja goes into a flash back. A few years ago, he reaches Mumbai, where he plans to get admitted into the prestigious Ramachandra College. He gains admission for an MBA program at the Ramachandra College in Mumbai with the help of the college chairman, Ramachandra (Nassar), but he doesnt realize this at first. He thought that he managed to get a seat due to his own abilities. Raj


Kasi is a tale about the deception of appearances. Kasi(Vikram) is a blind poet and singer who supports his family by his songs. He has an older brother Sevalai(Thalaivasal Vijay) who spends what mone

Aadama Jaichomada

Youth - Movie Lyrics

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