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Yudham Sei Lyrics

Yudham Sei Lyrics<br/> Kannitheevu Ponna

Yudham Sei plot

J.K. (Cheran), a brooding CB-CID officer, is worried about his missing sister. His senior officer promises him that he can take up his sisters case after he solves another important one, so J.K. agrees. Amputated male arms are packed in cartons and left in public places, possibly as a message to the police. The missing people are identified as Raja Manikam, Moorthy etc., based on identification from their families. By triangulating the co-ordinates they find a lead in this case.

Durai Pandi (Manicka Vinayagam) is a leading textile shop owner who was beaten, insulted in public and handed over to the police after it was found that he had used a peephole to look into the women’s dressing room. He is caught by the victim Sujas family, who are totally shattered by this incident. The inspector in-charge of this case is Isakki Muthu. Later, Durai Pandis manager accepts the blame for the crime, clearing Durai Pandis name.

Later, Sujas father Dr. Purushothaman (Y.G.Mahendran) is arrested on charges of bribery, and then released. A sex affair complaint is lodged against Dr. Purushothaman’s wife (Lakshmy Ramakrishnan) by John Britto. These events shatter the family, and they commit suicide by setting themselves on fire. But Suja is still missing, so J.K. decides to reopen the case.

More amputated arms turn up, and the head of a police man from ACP Tirisangus station is kept in front of the police station. This terrifies the police department, and they intensify the investigation. J.K. suspects that there a

Abhiyum Naanum

During a walk to the park Raghuraman (Prakash Raj) meets Sudhakar (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and tells him about daughter Abhi (Trisha Krishnan). Raghuraman is the loving husband of Anu (Aishwarya Sivachandran) and the worrisome as well as caring father of his only daughter Abhi. Together they live a calm and content life in Ooty. Also living with them is "Ravi Shastri" (Elango K


Karthik (Madhavan) is an engineering graduate who happens to lay eyes on Shakti (Shalini), a medical student, at a wedding. The two meet regularly after their that on suburban trains, to and from work and university. Karthik and Shakti eventually fall in love. Karthiks father Varadarajan, a lawyer, learns of the relationship and meets Shaktis dad Selvaraj. He asks Selvaraj, a railways employee, for his consent to a marriage between the two young lovers. However, upon meeting, the two parents disagree and the wedding is called off. Shakti decides not to get married without her parents consent, and the relationship is called off altogether.

Unable to stay separated for very long, coupled with chance meetings, Karthik and Sha


Chintamani and Ponnumani are sweethearts who spend their childhood together in a village. Chintamani goes off to pursue education but she and Ponnumani remain devoted to each other. Sivakumar, who dote



The film starts with Tamil (Vimal) who is raised single-handedly by his grandfather, Venkatasamy(Raj Kiran) in a village, as his parents had committed suicide after eloping and giving birth to him. 25 years later the boy is working in a Chennai-based IT company, staying in an modern upmarket apartment. Tamil meets Karthika (Lakshmi Menon) a medical student using tricks to get to the front of the traffic signal. They fall in love at first sight, and end up being so engrossed in each other that they dont realise that the signal had gone green. The way Karthika tricks the police officer and gets away with it endears Tamil to Karthika. He follows her and in no time s

Yudham Sei - Movie Lyrics

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