pagalil oru iravu

Pagalil Oru Iravu

Cast :
Vijayakumar , Sridevi , Ravikumar , Seema

Director I. V. Sasi

Music By Ilayaraja

Songs of Pagalil Oru Iravu

Plot of Pagalil Oru Iravu
Pagal Nilavu is in essence the story of Selvam(Murali) an aimless youth in Muttam(Kanyakumari Dist) who out of a sense of deep gratitude ends up joining the gang of Devaraj aka Periyavar(Sathyaraj) and the complications which arise when he falls in love with Jyothi(Revathi), the sister of Robert Manohar(Sarat Babu) an honest and committed police inspector who is newly posted to the town. Periyavar pretty much runs the town and though he helps people in need, he is a diabolical kingpin who will not compromise on his hold of the town for anything. He wins Selvam’s undying loyalty when he helps him with money and power at a critical juncture to save his mother. In this backdrop Robert takes charge and moves into the town with his sister and daughter. Being uncompromising in his morals, Robert is automatically drawn into a game of oneupmanship with Periyavar and his gang. He also consequentially cannot stand Periyavar’s chief henchman Selvam, and is consequentially drawn into continuous verbal and physical duels with him. Selvam meanwhile falls hook line and sinker to Jyothi(Revathi) and tries every trick in the book to woo her and eventually wins.

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