pallandu vazhka

Pallandu Vazhka

Cast :
M. G. Ramachandran , Latha , Thengai Srinivasan , M. N. Nambiar

Director K. Shankar

Music By K. V. Mahadevan

Songs of Pallandu Vazhka

Plot of Pallandu Vazhka
The film portrays Rajan (MGR), a young jail warden who rehabilitates six deadly prisoners released on parole into persons of virtue. He takes these notorious, often surly, murderers and makes them work hard with him on a dilapidated country farm, rehabilitating them through hard work and kindly guidance as they eventually produce a great harvest. The warden is however given an ultimatum: He will be arrested if even one of the prisoners attempts escape.

They all come across Saroja (Latha) an itinerant seller who they get attracted to, but she only gets close to Rajan, after he saves her from a bunch of goons. As Saroja is homeless, the six prisoners plead the warden to let the girl stay with them and he subsequently agrees. At one time when Sanguili (R.S. Manohar), one of the prisoners, coincidentally runs into his long-lost family, he tearfully re-unites with them. But they appear homeless, and so the warden allows them also to stay with him and the other prisoners. This however angers the other prisoners who feel that the warden did not give them freedom, compelling them to try killing him in order to escape.

Another prisoner Mayandhi (V.K. Ramaswamy) who was actually a barber before his arrest, agrees to give the warden a shave (it is his trick to kill the warden by cutting his neck). The warden however has no idea that he is going to be killed and blissfully sits for the shave, but the prisoner sees the wardens magical eyes and gets hypnotised, thus compelling him to call off the idea of murder. The prisoners who were attempting escape while the warden was having a shave, however see a statue of C. N. Annadurai and because they see the wardens spirit in it, they get hypnotised and eventually return. The prisoners escape was well seen by the other policemen around, which leads to the wardens stay in jail for one day. However when they hear that the prisoners have returned, the warden is released and returns to his duty. The prisoners gradually turn into good people and become attached to the warden, who dreams of marrying Saroja, in his mothers presence.

One night however, the prisoners are invited to a bar by a corrupt businessman and the warden is unaware of this. They return drunk and almost attack the warden and the girl. The warden is not pleased with their status and commands them to kill him if that is what they want. However, hypnotism and conscience again strike the prisoners, causing them to drop their weapons. The next morning, the prisoners fall at the wardens feet and explain that the corrupt businessman only told them to drink, thus they earn the forgiveness of the warden and the girl. The prisoners try to keep up to Gandhian philosophy and even refuse to fight back at the corrupt businessman when he sends his minions to beat them up. They however stay still while getting beaten up, continuously praising dharma and are eventually saved by the village girl while the nearby people beat the businessman on behalf of the prisoners. The warden is proud of the prisoners act of non-violence and tearfully praises them.

However the next day, the same corrupt businessman orders that the warden and his prisoners surrender, else there plantation and home will be destroyed. The warden refuses, so the businessman sends his men and elephants to destroy everything in sight. However, the warden and his men vigorously battle all the thugs and emerge victorious, while the local police capture the corrupt businessman and arrest him. The warden, having been praised for transforming the six prisoners into reformed people, frees the prisoners and tearfully sees them off.

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