Cast :
Simbu , Rakshitha , Karunas , Ashish Vidyarthi

Director A. Venkatsh

Music By Deva

Songs of Dhum

Plot of Dhum
Simbu is the son of a police constable. He gets into fights and ends up in jail where his own father gets him out on bail. While he is returning home from a party drunk, a group of college students beats him up. That is when Rakshita comes and takes him to hospital and gives blood. She is the daughter of a police commissioner. Later, he falls in love with Rakshitha. That leads to several problems which are faced bravely by Simbu in the later part of the film.[2]

kattradhu thamizh

Kattradhu Thamizh

Cast :
Jeeva , Anjali , Karunas , Azhagam Perumal

Director Ram

Music By Yuvan Shankar Raja

Songs of Kattradhu Thamizh

Plot of Kattradhu Thamizh
Prabhakar (Jiiva) is a Tamil teacher in a private school in west Mambalam area of Chennai, who leads a lonely life in a lodge. He is frustrated and even tries to commit suicide, in a system where knowing your mother tongue and teaching it is looked down upon by a society craving for material benefits and imbalance in pay structure.

The narration is mostly in a series of flashbacks. Prabhakar, for no fault of his, is at the receiving end, terrorized by cops and on the run after killing a railway booking clerk in a fit of rage. He roams all around the country and joins some saadhus, high on pot and also grows his hair long and keeps a shaggy beard. Finally he wants to exorcise the devils within and at gun point kidnaps a television anchor Yuvaan-Suang(Karunas), who records his life story, where he confesses to killing 22 people in cold blood.

In the flashback he reveals his past, his upbringing by a Tamil teacher Poobaal (Azhagam Perumal) and his childhood sweet heart Anandhi (Anjali) who later in his life becomes an obsession for him.

The love between Prabhakar and Anandhi is shown in flashes when Prabhakar is narrating his story to Yuvaan-Suang.

Prabhakar, the kid lives in a village. He develops a friendship with the neighboring girl, Anandhi. Anandhis family relocates to another place after a few years after which Prabhakars childhood is marred by tragic events as he loses his mother and grandparents in an accident. His father, a soldier, admits him in a boarding school and leaves. There he bonds with Poobal after some initial mischief. Slowly, Prabhakar starts looking upon Poobal as his father. Years roll by and Prabhakar grows into a young man who develops an interest in Tamizh, his favourite teachers subject.

After completing his 12th Grade, Prabhakar hears about the death of his beloved teacher Poobal, in an accident and travels to have one last look at him. There he sees Anandhi, his childhood sweetheart, whose father has also died in the same accident, in an argument with another family for having one look at her fathers body. Prabhakar enters into a fistfight and ensures that justice is done. This incident nurtures the love between Prabhakar and Anandhi. They meet regularly thence. Prabhakar joins college where his preference for taking up Tamil is ridiculed by his room mate and few others. Anandhis mother does not object to her daughters love for Prabhakar as she sees him as a source of financial support. At one point, she sells his motorcycle for her expenses. Prabhakar does not mind it. After a few years, Anandhi and her mother are forced to relocate to Anandhis uncles house in north India due to monetary difficulties. Prabhakar initially loses contact with her but traces her back to her uncles home.

Somehow, Anandhi finds Prabhakar and they share a poignant moment in her uncles home where Prabhakar asks about her health to which Anandhi asks about the time of his departure. Prabhakar buys some clothes for her and leaves her promising that he will keep in touch. After few mail communications, Prabhakar again loses contact with her.

Meanwhile, Prabhakar gets a job as a Tamizh teacher and starts living in a lodge. He manages with a meager salary and loses focus in his personal life. On one night, he intimidates a call center employee who flees after failing to recite the Tamil verses which a drunken Prabhakar gives to him. It is after this incident that the encounter with a police inspector happens where they arrest Prabhakar for smoking in public. Prabhakar is released and he tries to commit suicide, albeit unsuccessfully. The police again get hold of him and try to book him on false charges. Prabhakar manages to escape and then unintentionally kills the railway clerk.

Later, at one point in his life, Prabhakar comes in contact with Anandhi who has turned into a prostitute. He rescues her from the pimps after holding them at gun point. He plans to leave the city to his hometown along with Anandhi. He leaves her at a womens hostel after which the encounter with the television anchor happens.

The police get wind of Prabhakar and try to catch him in his hometown. Both Prabhakar and Anandhi hold hands and run towards an oncoming train committing suicide at the same place where Prabhakars dog died during his childhood.



Cast :
Krishna Sekar , Bindhu Madhavi , Karunas , Thambi Ramaiah

Director Sathya Siva

Music By Yuvan Shankar Raja

Songs of Kazhugu

Plot of Kazhugu
Sera (Krishna) is a guy who earns his living by retrieving dead bodies from Kodaikanals Green Valley View suicide point. Nandu (Karunas), Shanmugam (Thambi Ramaiah) and a mute friend are part of Seras crew. Chera meets Kavitha (Bindu Madhavi) when he and his crew retrieve her sisters body from a gully, after the sister had committed suicide with her boyfriend. Kavitha gradually falls in love with Sera. A parallel plot is of Iyya (Jayaprakash), who trades in stolen tea, with corrupt officials turning a blind eye to his activities.

Iyyas gang kills four police officers during a raid that goes wrong. Iyya, who knows Shanmugam, threatens him not to retrieve the bodies of the police officers. Fearing for their lives, Shanmugan tries to convince Sera not to retrieve the bodies. Brushing aside Shanmugams fears, Seras crew retrieves the bodies of the police officers due to a sense of duty. After retrieving the bodies, Sera informs the police of the murder by Iyya, resulting in Iyyas arrest.

The climax of the movie is on how Iyya retaliates and what becomes of Seras crew.



Cast :
Simbu , Divya Spandana , Karunas , Kalabhavan Mani

Director Vengatesh

Music By Srikanth Deva

Songs of Kuthu

Plot of Kuthu
The movie is about Silambarasan, who falls in love with Divya Spandana and incurs the wrath of her father. Whether Silambarasan succeeds in marrying Divya Spandana, with the help of his college mates, forms the rest of the story.

yaaradi nee mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Cast :
Dhanush , Nayanthara , karunas , Raghuvaran

Director Mithran Jawahar

Music By Yuvan Shankar Raja

Songs of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Plot of Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Vasu (Dhanush) is from a middle-class family. He makes several bids to obtain employment but all goes in vain due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. All his friends settle in life, but he continues to struggle in finding employment. Vasu has two faithful friends in Cheenu (Karthik Kumar), and Ganesh (Karunaas). His father (Raghuvaran), who is a teacher, is always critical of him for being an irresponsible person. This just added to his list of woes.

At this juncture, Vasu catches a glimpse of a woman named Keerthi (Nayanthara), and immediately falls in love with her. He learns that she works for a software solutions firm. Luckily for him, Vasu finally secures employment in the same firm. Keerthi eventually turns out to be a short-tempered young woman. On a business trip, Vasu accompanies her along with two other colleagues (Jeeva and Manobala), to Australia. Here he reveals his feelings of love to her. She immediately turns him down, saying that she comes from an orthodox family, and her marriage has already been arranged with her uncles son.

A depressed Vasu returns to India thereafter. Unable to see his son in depression, his father decides to meet Keerti. She abuses him for recommending his sons love, and accidentally slaps both Vasu and his father. Later that night, Vasus father dies of a heart attack. In order to help change Vasus mood, Cheenu manages to persuade him to come along to his family house in the country. Coincidentally, on the train journey, Keerthi is revealed to be the fiancee of Cheenu. However, their grandfathers (K. Viswanath) thoughts of getting them married earlier are put aside because Cheenu and Keerthi leave the house to have their own identity. This causes heartburn to their grandfather.

With the passing of a few days, the parents of Keerthi and Cheenu decide to get them married to appease their grandfather. After several turns of events, Keerthi realizes that she is in love with Vasu instead. When Vasu asks her to forget him, during a midnight meeting, because he believes that it would create problems in their happy family, Cheenu himself overhears their conversation. During the wedding, Cheenu tries to force Vasu and Keerthi to confess their relationship to everyone who is present. But when they hesitate to do so, Cheenu stops the marriage himself, by lying to his elders that he has a secret wife in Chennai. When Cheenu comes under fire from his relatives, Vasu tells them the truth, and is driven out of the house. He is joined only by the grandma of the house, who agrees to accompany him as she reminds Vasu of his late father.

In time, the rest of Cheenu and Keerthis family comes to stay with Vasu for a few days. But Cheenus grandfather refuses to enter the house, telling Vasu he is still angry with him, and needs time to change himself somehow. The movie ends when Vasu and Keerthi became a happy couple and live together happily



Cast :
G. V. Prakash Kumar , Nikki Galrani , Karunas , Srushti Dange

Director Sam Anton

Songs of Darling

Plot of Darling
Kathir,Nisha and Kumaran plan to commit suicide together because they feel like failures. However, they want to fulfill their last wishes before doing so. Nisha wants to steal a new car, and Kathir wants to slap the local MLA in his own house.

After Nisha and Kathir fulfill their last wishes, the trio escapes from the police and flees to a nearby resort. There, they find Athisaya Raj, who also wishes to commit suicide, and he joins them as they travel to a farmhouse. Once they arrive, Kumaran and Nisha plan to postpone their suicides for three days in order to prevent Kathir’s suicide, as Nisha has fallen in love with him.

Their plan succeeds, and in those three days, the four get close to each other. Kathir develops feelings for Nisha, but hesitates to tell her in fear of humiliation. At the end of the third day, Kumaran asks Nisha to kiss Kathir to divert him from suicide. He meanwhile requests that Kathir kisses Nisha, telling him that Nisha wants to experience her first kiss before dying. Kathir accepts, with shame and shyness.

As Kathir tries to kiss Nisha, a ghost enters her body, forcing Kathir away. Flabbergasted, Kathir runs out of the room. Whenever Nisha reveals her feelings to Kathir and he responds by hugging or touching her, the ghost enters her body and scares Kathir away. Unaware of the ghost, Nisha grows depressed.

When Kumaran hears Kathir describing Nisha as a ghost, he rushes to Nisha’s room to scold her and tell her to apologize to Kathir, only for the ghost to enter her body and thrash him. That night, Raj too experiences the ghost’s fury at its villainous worst. The trio decides to distance themselves from Nisha and to always stay together.

The next morning, they try to get the ghost to leave Nisha’s body, and call upon Ghost Gopal Varma, an exorcist. However, the ghost thrashes him as well. Afterwards, Kathir brings up the courage to ask the ghost why she is taking vengeance on them, and the ghost narrates her story to the trio. She is Shruthi, and she came to the same farmhouse with her newlywed husband, Shiva. Five men entered the farmhouse and raped her before killing the two of them.

Kathir is emotionally touched, but before he could help the ghost, Nisha, deducing the presence of the ghost from the avoidance of the other three, slit her wrist to make Kathir get rid of Shruthi. Kathir, seeing this, brought her out of the house to get her to the hospital, but he is interrupted by the five men who raped Shruthi. Kathir put up a fight, but in vain. Shruthi, unable to use her powers due to the slit wrist, calls for her husband, who possesses Kathir and fights the five men.

The film ends with Kathir and Nisha hugging in front of a refrigerator. The refrigerator shows Shruthia and Shivain in the reflection, showing that their ghosts are still inside Kathir and Nisha.